Group Training Classes

Group Training Classes are offered in many areas. We have multiple CDT, CPDT-KA , & ABCDT certified instructors and an IAABC associate certified behavior consultant.  From routine skills, dog sports, AKC series classes, and classes for reactive dogs to group classes on nutrition, first aid, CPR, and bringing home baby for the humans. 

A tan mixed breed dog in an indoor dog agility center running through the back and white weave poles. There is a human next to a dog tunnel and in the background some more people waiting for their turn with their dogs.

Basic Obedience

Learning Basic Manners and Social Skills on leash in a group setting. Solving common complaints such as: barking, chewing, digging, jumping, and potty training issues. This is an 8 week long class and the cost is 110.00 per dog.

Advanced Obedience

This 8 week long class designed around distance work, working in crowded spaces, and on more intensive behaviors. Preparation for competition obedience  and off leash work. The cost is 150.00 per dog.  Prerequisite: Basic Obedience or equivalent from another facility.

Meal Prep 101

Learn to plan, balance, and prepare your dogs meals. Make it less stressful, more efficient, and provide your dog with raw or home-cooked meals to meet their needs.  $10.00 per class.

Bringing Home Baby

Help prepare your pooch for your tiny humans arrival. From teaching them that baby things are not scary to learning to walk with a stroller. Baby proofing our home extends beyond the cupboard locks and outlet plugs and begins before the baby is even born. $20.00 per family.

Rally Obedience

An introduction into the world of competitive Rally obedience. The focus is not just on how well the dog preforms but how the human and canine work together and how much the dog enjoys themselves.  These 7 week long group classes prepare you to compete by teaching the signs, the rules, and holding mach trials. Classes are in two levels. Novice & Intermediate. Class cost is 150.00 per dog. Prerequisite is Basic Obedience or equivalent from another facility for Novice and Novice for Intermediate. 

Dogs in this class must have proper social skills. 


Agility classes teach the behaviors to be preformed at each obstacle, body positioning for communication, contact points, timing, and distance work. This class is offered in two levels:


Main Agility- Competition Prep & Practice. 

Classes are 7 weeks long and cost 150.00 per dog. 

Introductory Nose Work

Learn to teach your dog to identify and signal scents. Class starts by teaching to signal a scent and moves to hiding the scent and having the dog target the scent. Class is 8 weeks long and costs 150.00 per dog.  Group Chanel Runs are 5.00 per dog. Prerequisite: Advanced Obedience or equivalent from another facility and dogs with proper social skills only. 

Reactive Rover

Reactive Rover is open only to those with reactivity issues after your dog has been assessed and deemed eligible. From barking, lunging, and nipping at: things with wheels, hats, sunglasses, men, women, children, other dogs, loud sounds, plastic bags, and more. We teach you and your dogs to relax, enjoy outings, and handle stresses with confidence and calmness. Class is Bi weekly for 8 lessons. Total cost per dog is $25.00 assessment, $220.00 class per dog. 

Fido & You Fitness

Workout with your dog. Get fit and Healthy, reinforce obedience commands, and have fun in the process. This is a circuit class and held outdoors year round. Prerequisite Basic Obedience.  Cost is $10.00 per class or 10 classes for 75.00

First Aid & CPR

Preparing for an emergency is an essential for every pet loving home. Earthquake kits, food and water stores, and learning what to do in the event your pet becomes ill or injured. Cost is $20.00 per family.


Leash Skills Class

a 4-week long class focusing on loose leash skills and heeling around other dogs and people to help with pulling, spinning, and dragging. 4 classes for 75.00